Regular License Examples

The Regular License could be used for any of the following: Single website (commercial, personal, or non-profit). Single website for a client (commercial, personal, or non-profit). Single free-to-download podcast series. Single video you have created for yourself or for a client that is free for users to access/view. Single free online video such as a free tutorial, animation, cartoon or YouTube™ video. Single video or film you produce as a student that are not intended for sale. Single home movie or photo slide show. Single non-commercial radio show or series. Single advert, whether on radio, TV or the internet.

Extended License Examples

The Extended License could be used for any of the following: Single paid-for or subscription-based podcast series. Single iPhone game that you or your client intends to sell. Single commercial game, whether online, or for computers, or for consoles etc. Single film or TV show. Single commercial radio show or series, including internet radio. Single piece of computer software or training material, including education material, intended to be distributed or accessed by multiple people.

How much does the Extended License cost for Music items? The Extended license costs 5 times the cost of the Regular license of the item. For example, a music item that's $5 under a Regular license, would be $25 (5 x $5) under an Extended license.

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